Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to made paper pom pom

Paper pom pom is my favoraite decoriation for any holiday. The people wish to me that how to is a paper pom pom made. Then I do it. I have chosen tissue paper because it is very cheap and  abundent in my country.

Things needed:
Tissue paper 3-5 pc
Wire and thread

 How to make:
1. Fold the paper follew the picture.

2. To make sure the paper is folded, use paper clip.

To build up in layers them all

3. Cut center of paper follew the picture.

4. Wrap the paper with wire and twist

5. With scissors, trim ends of tissue into rounded or pointy shapes

6.  Separate layers, pulling away from center one at a time

That's finished.
 You'll use it for decoration of all parties and home decor.


Enjoy pom pom:)

Friday, April 20, 2012


I love patching. Patches on clothes look adorable. I usually put patches on holes of my kids' trousers. Obiously, I want to put special patches suitable for that particular holes, not plain and dull ones. Elbow patches are in fashion now. My grandma, who used to say ''holes are better closed than open'', couldn't stand holes and tears on clothes. Now, enjoy pictures of some patches that I have made
''I love London'' patch on my son's jeans. I got the idea from the words on the back pockets of them.

I have made these pants with a ''star'' patch. The patch was torn and I put a little star patch on it. It now looks really cool.

This ''heart'' patch was made on my son's pants on Valentine's Day this year. You may remember seeing it in my post.

It's a ''football'' patch on my son's pants that he wears at home. Dear son, you can crawl and make holes on your pants so that your mom can do some patching work.

My daughter doesn't make holes on her pants. I'll be happy to put a pretty patch on her pants if she does make some.

And this is a ''patch'' pincushion made specially for this post. The pincushion is something that I love doing and this time, I combined the two, patch and pincushion.

How to patch pincushion make:

That's the end of my post for patches. But my work on patching will continue.

Enjoy the craft of patching!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Adding a dress to my daughter's collection!

I have sewn a dress for my daughter in 15 minutes. How did I? I made some changes to an unused undervest. Instead of having the undervest lying around, I dressed my cute daughter. As it is too easy to turn this kind of clothes item into a dress, I have searched for some other clothes that are old-fashioned or unused and found some. Never mind. Let me explain how I made this pretty dress with an easy-to-follow tutorial.

First, put your daughter's dress on the unfolded undervest with its front side facing the dress and draw the armholes on the undervest using a chalk. Next, sew along the line on the undervest and cut out the rest of the undervest leaving seam.

Finally, decorate the dress with some brigth-colored buttons and beads. That's it now! It was easy.

The summer is comig. You may buy a dress for your daughter, but adding the one that you made yourself to your daughter's dress collection will definitely make your daughter shine up.

Happy sew!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Today is just BEAUTIFUL. I have taken part in a competition called My Style 2 and been selected as the winner. Two copies of the book ''Khuvtsas design'' have been given to me as the prize. I'm so glad that I was selected. The Sunshine blog's admin who is a wonderful and beautiful woman. I very like her.

My emotion!

Thank you Sunshine.